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Anzu Partners Completes Sale of Axsun Technologies to Excelitas Technologies

Anzu Partners, a venture capital and private equity firm that invests in breakthrough industrial technologies, today announced that it has completed the sale transaction of Axsun Technologies to Excelitas Technologies Corp. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Axsun Technologies is a leading developer and supplier of MEMS-based optical engines for medical imaging, industrial spectroscopy, and optical telecommunications. Axsun's optical engines enable many of the worlds leading optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging systems used by opthalmologists, cardiologists, and other medical specialists. In recent years, Axsun has shipped more than 15,000 devices for these applications. Anzu Partners acquired Axsun from Volcano Corporation, a subsidiary of Royal Philips N.V., in October, 2015. "Our partnership with Anzu Partners has been outstanding, and we are grateful for their investment and support which has enabled us to achieve our goals, enter new markets, and has been a catalys...

Simultaneous imaging, monitoring, and therapy


Using the disclosed intravascular devices it is possible to image tissues, deliver therapy, and evaluate the tissue after the therapy is delivered. One embodiment is a catheter configured to provide ultrasound imaging, drug delivery, and Doppler flow analysis. The devices can use ultrasound imaging as well as optical coherence tomography (OCT). ( Read Full Article )

Guarded imaging devices and methods

An integrated therapeutic and imaging device that uses at least two balloons to provide a guarded zone that can be evacuated and replaced with a fluid that is sufficiently clear to permit optical coherence tomography (or even high resolution ultrasound) imaging that would otherwise be of poor quality or impossible. Methods of making and operating the imaging device to obtain clear, high quality images, as well as treating a patient's tissue with the device within a living body in association with obtaining an image of the patient's tissue, are included. ( Read Full Article )

Optical coherence tomography system that is reconfigurable between different imaging modes

The invention generally relates to an optical coherence tomography system that is reconfigurable between two different imaging modes and methods of use thereof. ( Read Full Article )

Polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography system

The invention generally relates to a polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography (OCT) system that includes both polarization maintaining and single mode optical fiber and methods of use thereof. Generally, OCT systems of the invention have a light source and a differential path interferometer that includes a sample arm and a reference arm. A splitter is used to split light from the light source to the sample arm and the reference arm. Reflected light from the sample arm and the reference arm is recombined at a detector. The polarization maintaining fiber is used in the reference arm to ensure that optical field intensity is equalized between two orthogonal detection channels of the OCT system. ( Read Full Article )

Systems and methods for generating images of tissue

The invention relates to systems and methods for three dimensional imaging of tissue. The invention provides systems and methods to provide a representation of tissue from three-dimensional data in the form of a montage of images having an indication of a spatial registration among the images. ( Read Full Article )

Optical-electrical rotary joint and methods of use

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The present invention relates generally to rotatable optical couplings, and more particularly to a manually separable and re-connectable optical-electrical rotary joint. The invention provides a manually separable optical-electrical rotary joint in which an optical signal and electrical signal are transmitted while a downstream component rotates relative to an upstream component, for example, as driven by a motor at the upstream component. Further, the downstream component can be easily manually unplugged from the upstream component. ( Read Full Article )

Real time SD-OCT with distributed acquisition and processing

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The present invention relates to distributed computing system to acquire, process, and display OCT images at real-time frame rates. ( Read Full Article )

Automatic stent detection

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This invention relates generally to the detection of objects, such as stents, within intraluminal images using principal component analysis and/or regional covariance descriptors. In certain aspects, a training set of pre-defined intraluminal images known to contain an object is generated. The principal components of the training set can be calculated in order to form an object space. An unknown input intraluminal image can be obtained and projected onto the object space. From the projection, the object can be detected within the input intraluminal image. In another embodiment, a covariance matrix is formed for each pre-defined intraluminal image known to contain an object. An unknown input intraluminal image is obtained and a covariance matrix is computed for the input intraluminal image. The covariances of the input image and each image of the training set are compared in order to detect the presence of the object within the input intraluminal image. ( Read Full Article )

System and method for OCT depth calibration

The invention generally relates to methods for calibrating an OCT image by comparing a detected location of a feature within the image to an expected location of the feature, calculating a calibration value, and transforming the location of pixels within the image to provide a calibrated image ( Read Full Article )

Systems for correcting distortions in a medical image and methods of use thereof

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The invention relates generally systems for correcting distortion in a medical image and methods of use thereof. Methods and systems for displaying a medical image of a lumen of a biological structure, generally comprise obtaining image data of a lumen of a biological structure from an imaging device, correcting the image data for translational distortions, in which correcting is accomplished without reference to another data set, and displaying a corrected image. ( Read Full Article )

System Method For Resampling Optical Coherence Tomography Signals In Segments


A system and method for resampling interference datasets of samples in segments, in a swept- source based Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system. The resampling is preferably performed within a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) of the OCT system, the FPGA preferably having Fourier-transform based signal processing capabilities such as Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) cores. Resampling the interference datasets in segments provides a flexible approach to resampling that makes efficient use of system resources such as FFT cores. By resampling the interference datasets in segments, the system adjusts to an increased number of resampling points as the imaging depth upon the sample increases. The OCT system then combines the segments using overlapping values of the resampling points between adjacent resampling regions of the resampled segments, and performs Fourier Transform based post-processing on the combined segments to obtain axial profiles of the sample at desired imaging depth ...

Axsun Technologies announces acquisition and growth capital investment by Anzu Partners


Financial backing to fuel Axsun growth and product development Axsun Technologies announced that it has been successfully divested from Volcano Corporation, a subsidiary of Royal Philips, and acquired by Anzu Partners, an investment firm based in Washington DC. As part of the transaction, Axsun received a significant infusion of growth capital and an affiliate of Anzu Partners purchased the 65,000 square foot building in Billerica, MA that houses Axsun’s operations. Axsun’s experienced management team will remain in place. Jonathan Hartmann, currently VP/GM will lead the newly independent Axsun as CEO. Peter Whitney will continue as Chief Science Officer and VP of Engineering, leading technology and product development. Chris Baldwin will continue to serve as Chief Financial Officer, and Bill Ahern will continue to lead sales and business development. Mr. Hartmann and Dr. Whitney have joined the Axsun Board of Directors. “Axsun’s customer-focused R&D, en...

Cholesterol crystals identified using optical coherence tomography and virtual histology intravascular ultrasound

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The deposition and accumulation of lipid within the arterial wall leads to the development and progression of atherosclerotic plaques. Cholesterol crystals (CCs) are formed from these lipid pools and both augment the inflammatory response and promote plaque rupture, possibly through inducing mechanical instability. Accordingly, identification of these structures is important for plaque risk stratification. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) and virtual histology intravascular ultrasound (VH-IVUS) are invasive imaging modalities that permit plaque characterisation. Validation studies using these techniques have demonstrated their reliability to identify plaque constituents, including lipid and calcification. CCs are thought to be identifiable on OCT as linear, high-backscattering structures within fibroatheroma. However, OCT validation studies on CCs are lacking and their appearance on VH-IVUS unknown. Here we present co-registered OCT (C7 Dragonfly™; St. Jude Medical, St. Paul...

Will Acquisition By Philips Save Volcano Corp.?

In late September, a group of Volcano Corp. shareholders castigated the company’s management and demanded Volcano bring its financials in-line by reigniting growth, streamlining costs, and bringing the business closer to profitability. The message must have gotten through loud and clear, as Volcano’s management may be positioned to accomplish all three goals by selling the company to Royal Philips for $1.2 billion. Indeed, in the eyes of some, Volcano management may have taken the company’s intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) systems as far as it could as an independent entity. In 2013, Volcano recorded $393.7 million in sales, up only 3.1% over 2012, when sales were 11.2% higher than in 2011.) But in recent quarterly calls the Volcano team outlined an aggressive plan to reinvigorate the business. Simultaneously, it invited bids from larger companies, securing what some see as too generous a deal from Philips, which will pay $18 per sh...


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