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Leadoptik Funding

Leadoptik is developing integrated optic technology for the pulmonology market and has raised a total of $1.8M in funding over 5 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jun 7, 2022 from a Non-equity Assistance round.

Canon Medical signs Sense Medical as UK distributor

Canon Medical signs Sense Medical as UK distributor Canon Medical Systems Europe has signed an agreement making Sense Medical its new UK distributor. Sense Medical, which has an established relationship in the NHS market, will be the exclusive distributor of Canon’s ophthalmic eye care products in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Abdul Jahangir, managing director at Sense Medical, commented: “The new partnership with Canon is a unique model for us, which sets us apart from a normal distributorship.” Jahangir explained that Sense Medical wants to build on the strength of the Canon Eyecare brand in the UK and Ireland markets. Adel Bencheikh, Canon Eyecare director, said: “We were looking at the UK market as one of the major markets for eye care imaging growth and now with Sense Medical’s existing expertise in retinal imaging and strong customer care, we are confident that our new partnership will benefit our existing and future customers.” Over time, Canon Eyecare has widened its product scope to serve both the NHS market and Hig...

Low-cost OCT, Lumedica, launches OQ LabScope 3.0, equipped with 3D Rendering, at BiOS and PWEST 2023


Lumedica Inc., known for manufacturing complete OCT systems at an affordable price, will launch the OQ LabScope 3.0 at BIOS 2023 on January 28-29, 2023. The system retains the same hallmarks of Lumedica design, a complete OCT system at an affordable price, while adding a faster A-scan rate and capability for 3D rendering to standard systems. This improved speed makes 3D rendering within the software more practical as a full volume scan of a 5 x 5 x 7 mm3 area only takes a few seconds. Visit Booth #8259 for a complete demonstration of the OQ LabScope 3.0. Bring your own samples to see how volume scans are transformed into a 3D image. Speak with experts on low-cost OCT and determine a solution that will be your need and budget. Lumedica’s OQ LabScope launched in 2017 as the first complete OCT system commercially available under $10,000. This innovation broke the barrier of entry to OCT for many scientists. At this price point even educators could use limited funds to integra...

Demo Thorlabs’ OCT Technologies at BiOS and PWEST 2023

You are invited to visit Thorlabs’ OCT team at SPIE BiOS (Booth #8331) January 28 – 29 and Photonics West (Booth #627) January 31 – February 2 in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. We will have three live OCT systems on site and would like to invite you to bring your samples for a live demo, speak with our experts, and collect the newest Thorlabs T-shirt. For those building their own OCT setups, we can walk you through a variety of integral components, such as SLDs, MEMS-VCSEL benchtop lasers, specialized fibers, and bulk optics, as well as our brand-new OCT spectrometer. Alternatively, if you have an application need but no system, come in and check out our turn-key OCT solutions based on either swept-source or spectral-domain technology. Our systems are ideal for applications in biomedicine, industrial quality control, and more. Learn more at https://youtu.be/erDiuKNoHFI. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Perimeter Medical Imaging AI Announces Leadership Changes with the Appointment of Suzanne Foster as Chair of its Board of Directors

Perimeter Medical Imaging AI, Inc. (“Perimeter” or the “Company”) – a commercial-stage medical technology company – today reported leadership changes, including the appointment of Suzanne Foster as Chair of its Board of Directors, effective immediately. Jeremy Sobotta, Perimeter’s Chief Executive Officer stated, “Suzanne is a global industry leader with more than 25 years of healthcare experience. Her leadership and industry expertise will be assets to all Perimeter stakeholders in this new capacity. She is one of the longest-serving directors on our Board, and I look forward to continuing to work closely with Suzanne in pursuit of our mission to transform cancer surgery.” Mr. Sobotta continued, “We are also grateful that Dr. Anthony Holler, Perimeter’s Chair from 2019 to 2022, will continue to provide strategic advice and serve as one of our directors moving forward.” Ms. Suzanne Foster commented, “I am excited to take on the role of Chair and support the advancement of Perim...

World’s First Intracranial Use of a New High-Frequency Imaging System to Directly Visualize Neurovascular Pathologies

First human procedures performed by Prof Vitor Mendes Pereira at St. Michael’s Hospital, a site of Unity Health Toronto Gentuity, LLC, an advanced imaging technology firm, today announced the first human use of the Vis-MTM High-Frequency Optical Coherence Tomography (HF-OCT) imaging system and probe. This represents a significant technological advance for the field of neurointervention, making high resolution intravascular imaging in the brain possible. “This is an incredibly exciting milestone. The direct visualization technology we evaluated here offers unprecedented potential in the diagnosis and treatment of aneurysms, stroke, intra-cranial atherosclerotic disease (ICAD) and other neurological pathologies,” said Vitor Mendes Pereira, MD. “I am proud and honored to have the opportunity to perform the first cases. The system and imaging probes performed very well, integrating with our workflow seamlessly, and provided us with important information that we cannot obtain with any ...

Avinger Announces 510(k) Filing of Pantheris LV

Avinger (AVGR) Announces 510(k) Filing of Pantheris LVPantheris LV Represents the Next-Generation of Onboard Image-Guided Technology for the Treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease Avinger, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVGR), a commercial-stage medical device company marketing the first and only intravascular image-guided, catheter-based system for diagnosis and treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), today announced the Company submitted a new 510(k) application to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for Pantheris LV, its next-generation image-guided atherectomy system for the treatment of larger vessels, such as the SFA and popliteal arteries, where the majority of PAD procedures are performed today. Pantheris LV offers multiple benefits to physician users, including higher speed plaque excision for efficient removal of challenging occlusive tissue and multiple features to streamline and simplify user-operation, including enhanced tissue packing and removal, a radiopaque gauge to measure volume of plaque removal during the procedu...

Perimeter Medical Imaging AI Announces Completion of Two New Commercial Placements of Perimeter S-Series OCT

Perimeter Medical Imaging AI, Inc. – a commercial-stage medical technology company – today reported two new commercial installations of its flagship Perimeter S-Series OCT system, which were completed prior to year-end. Jeremy Sobotta, Perimeter’s Chief Executive Officer stated, “I am excited by our considerable progress across the business, and we enter 2023 with growing momentum. Prior to year-end, we completed two additional commercial placements of our S-Series OCT technology, including successfully leveraging our existing presence within a major national healthcare system, resulting in the third commercial placement in this network.” Mr. Sobotta continued, “These two new placements at the end of 2022 were a great way to close a strong fourth quarter in which we doubled the total commercial installed base of our S-Series devices. Further, we believe the expansion within our existing customers’ networks indicates the value these early users are experiencing. These positive ...

Wasatch Photonics Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

Wasatch Photonics is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary of helping customers develop new applications of light. Founded in 2002, the company designs and manufactures high efficiency transmission gratings for spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT), astronomy, and pulse compression, as well as spectrometers for OCT, Raman, and other spectroscopic techniques. In 20 years, Wasatch Photonics has grown from a small shop started by a group of entrepreneur-innovators in Logan, UT to commercialize disruptive volume phase holographic (VPH) grating technology, establishing three sites across the US and a global distributor network. Along the way, we’ve patented several unique VPH grating technologies and developed a line of highly configurable modular spectrometers for OCT and Raman with industry-leading sensitivity and speed. Both the Logan, UT and Morrisville, NC manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified and are under upgrade or expansion. More than anything, ...

Altris Education Free Mobile OCT Application for Ophthalmologists

    Altris Education OCT is a free mobile application created for ophthalmologists who want to improve their OCT interpretation skills. 13.000 eye care specialists from 140 countries have already joined this mobile community of OCT enthusiasts, so you might be interested in it as well. Of course, there are numerous atlases, but Altris Education OCT has several advantages that cannot be ignored: This free mobile application (available via iOS and Android) is interactive which means that a user can highlight and dehighlight pathologies and pathological signs on the OCT scan. Unlike atlases, new OCT scans are added regularly by the retina experts team and by other ophthalmologists. We always need OCT scans with rare pathologies! This mobile app has thousands of OCT scans graphically labeled by a team of retina experts it’s possible to find any pathology and study it interactively. All the OCT scans are grouped in folders (pathologies, pathological signs, and hered...

Study validates the use of Perimeter Medical Imaging AI’s flagship OCT system for head and neck tissue indications, says Leede Jones

Analysts at Leede Jones noted that a qualitative study in a peer-reviewed research article validates the use of Perimeter Medical Imaging AI Inc's (TSX-V:PINK, OTC:PYNKF) flagship wide-field Optical Coherence Tomography (WF-OCT) system for other indications, including head and neck tissue. The research study published in JAMA Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery was conducted at the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine and included 53 adult patients. The study deployed the FDA-cleared Perimeter S-Series OCT system in patients undergoing primary ablative surgery of the oral cavity or oropharynx for squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). The firm's S-Series OCT device is not AI-enabled, unlike its B-Series OCT system, which is still undergoing clinical testing. ( Read Full Article )

RetinAI launches Discovery CORE™: an AI-powered, collaborative platform to accelerate Clinical & Academic Research, & RWE analysis in ophthalmology

RetinAI Medical AG (“RetinAI”), a leader in developing software solutions for image processing and artificial intelligence in Ophthalmology, is proud to launch Discovery CORE™ with AI for retinal fluid and layer segmentation. Discovery CORE and its AI models have been designed to accelerate data analysis and help clinical and academic researchers collaborate more efficiently, in real time, with their peers, on medical and imaging datasets. The software measures retinal fluid volumes and layer thickness across OCT datasets automatically in real time. Further, it integrates annotation tools and electronic case report forms, which enable new data insights to be collected across peer networks, keeping the information digitized, centralized and secure. The functionality of CORE can be used to assess disease endpoints at scale, jump-start the building of registries and real-world evidence datasets, and help with shared workflows to evaluate data, train physicians and est...

Canadians are Skipping Regular Eye Exams Despite Available Vision Benefits

Canadians who have unused vision benefits are urged to have a comprehensive eye exam before many annual benefits expire at the end of the year as Specsavers data reveals a concerning percentage of Canadians may be at risk for undetected eye disease because of missed eye exam appointments.... As part of Specsavers' commitment to accessible eyecare, and to better facilitate early detection of sight-threatening diseases, Specsavers makes OCT technology available as part of every comprehensive eye exam conducted by independent optometrists at Specsavers locations. The 3D eye scan using OCT technology is non-invasive and only takes a few seconds, allowing optometrists to assess the intricate structures of the eyes to identify and manage eye conditions such as diabetes related eye disease and glaucoma. ( Read Full Article )

Intalight™ Positions Itself for Further Expansion in OCT Imaging in the US with a Novel Ophthalmic Platform and Executive Leadership

SVision Imaging, a company that develops advanced ophthalmic technologies, today announced that it will be expanding its position as a leader in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) under the new name Intalight™ . The rebranding highlights the company’s mission and growth strategy to develop the most advanced ophthalmic technologies to target unmet needs across OCT imaging, and its commitment to introducing this technology in the US. Intalight Inc. was founded by a group of scientists and industry veterans of Silicon Valley in 2014. The company’s base of operations moved to mainland China in 2015, and there are now three sites in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Luoyang. Intalight released the first Swept-Source OCT device in 2019 and its product portfolios are extending from ophthalmic diagnostic devices to operational instruments. ( Read Full Article )

AI-powered platform for OCT scans analysis can be tested for free

Altiris AI is the first digital tool for automated OCT scan analysis. It’s an artificial intelligence-powered system that supports eye care professionals in diagnostic decision-making. As of today, the Altris AI platform detects more than 100 retina pathologies and pathological signs on OCT scans and differentiates between pathological and non-pathological OCT scans. The system can be tested for free online by any curious eye care professional. The web platform was created by Maria Znamenska, a Ph.D. in Ophthalmology with a team of experienced retina experts. Millions of OCT scans were collected in ophthalmic clinics to create this unique digital platform.  Altris AI has 2 basic modules: Severity Detection and Segmentation/Classification. Severity Detection Module   An eye care professional uploads up to 512 b-scans inside this module. The artificial Intelligence algorithm inside the Severity Detection Module differentiates between pathological and pathological wit...


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