Xiaoshan Wang

Three-dimensional morphological revealing of human placental villi with common obstetric complications via optical coherence tomography

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Placental villi play a vital role in human fetal development, acting as the bridge of material exchange between the maternal and fetal. The abnormal morphology of placental villi is closely related to placental circulation disorder and pregnancy complications. Revealing placental villi three-dimensional (3D) morphology of common obstetric complications and healthy pregnancies provides a new perspective for studying the role of the placenta and its villi in the development of pregnancy diseases. In this study, we established a noninvasive, high-resolution 3D imaging platform via optical coherence tomography to reveal placental villi 3D morphological information of diseased and normal placentae. For the first time, 3D morphologies of placental villous tree structures in common obstetric complications were quantitatively revealed and corresponding 3D information could visualize the morphological characteristics of the placental villous tree from a more intuitive perspective, providing ...

Sm-Net OCT: a deep-learning-based speckle-modulating optical coherence tomography

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Speckle imposes obvious limitations on resolving capabilities of optical coherence tomography (OCT), while speckle-modulating OCT can efficiently reduce speckle arbitrarily. However, speckle-modulating OCT seriously reduces the imaging sensitivity and temporal resolution of the OCT system when reducing speckle. Here, we proposed a deep-learning-based speckle-modulating OCT, termed Sm-Net OCT, by deeply integrating conventional OCT setup and generative adversarial network trained with a customized large speckle-modulating OCT dataset containing massive speckle patterns. The customized large speckle-modulating OCT dataset was obtained from the aforementioned conventional OCT setup rebuilt into a speckle-modulating OCT and performed imaging using different scanning parameters. Experimental results demonstrated that the proposed Sm-Net OCT can effectively obtain high-quality OCT images without the electronic noise and speckle, and conquer the limitations of reducing the imaging sensitiv...


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