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Demo Thorlabs’ OCT Technologies at BiOS and PWEST 2023

You are invited to visit Thorlabs’ OCT team at SPIE BiOS (Booth #8331) January 28 – 29 and Photonics West (Booth #627) January 31 – February 2 in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. We will have three live OCT systems on site and would like to invite you to bring your samples for a live demo, speak with our experts, and collect the newest Thorlabs T-shirt. For those building their own OCT setups, we can walk you through a variety of integral components, such as SLDs, MEMS-VCSEL benchtop lasers, specialized fibers, and bulk optics, as well as our brand-new OCT spectrometer. Alternatively, if you have an application need but no system, come in and check out our turn-key OCT solutions based on either swept-source or spectral-domain technology. Our systems are ideal for applications in biomedicine, industrial quality control, and more. Learn more at https://youtu.be/erDiuKNoHFI. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Join Thorlabs for an OCT-Focused Webinar March 8th, 2021!

Thorlabs’ OCT team is excited to present a new products webinar as part of its virtual BiOS and Photonics West activities. Join Dr. Michael Leitner for this one-hour event on March 8 at 11:30 AM EST, which will include a live Q&A session. To register, please visit this link. After the event, a recorded version will be available at www.thorlabs.com/webinars.  Abstract:  Thorlabs is excited to feature our complete selection of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems, which includes both spectral domain (SD) and swept source (SS) options. This talk will showcase biomedical and industrial applications and highlight the functional OCT capabilities of Thorlabs’ turnkey systems. Dr. Michael Leitner will highlight the recently released Atria™ swept-source OCT systems, which operate at a center wavelength of 1060 nm and integrate the company’s patented MEMS-VCSEL swept-wavelength technology, allowing for A-scan rates up to 200 kHz and an ult...

Thorlabs Adds 1060 nm Option to Swept Source OCT Portfolio

Thorlabs announced today that it has expanded its Swept Source OCT (SS-OCT) offering with the release of Atria™ systems centered at 1060 nm. These new systems, which integrate Thorlabs’ patented MEMS-VCSEL swept-wavelength technology, are available in 60 kHz (ATR206C1) and 200 kHz (ATR220C1) variants, including a version with an ultra-long imaging depth of 20 mm.    The 1060 nm options offer the same low roll-off and high sensitivity performance found in the already well-established VEGA™ swept source OCT series. Also like the Vega series, the Atria’s MEMS-VCSEL swept source and imaging module are packaged into a single housing, with the latter incorporating the scanning electronics and an interferometer with a balanced detector. Several key hardware controls can be adjusted using the included ThorImage®OCT software, such as polarization controllers, sensor gain, reference arm length, and intensity.  “The development of Atria was a l...


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