Ercan Paşaoğlu

Quantitative Analysis of Retinal Microvascular Structure and Correlation with Ocular Parameters: A Normative Database of Pediatric OCT Angiography

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Purpose To analyze the vascular structure of the healthy pediatric population using optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA), and to investigate its relationship with ocular parameters. Materials and Method This cross-sectional, prospective study included 142 eyes of 71 healthy subjects aged 8-18 years. All patients underwent a complete ocular assessment, biometric evaluation and OCTA analysis. Anterior chamber depth, axial length, corneal thickness values were also reported and their relationship with OCTA measurements was evaluated. Results There was no statistical difference between girls and boys in terms of demographic characteristics (p>0.05). Neither vascular density in the deep and superficial capillary plexus nor FAZ area was significantly related to the ocular parameters or age of any patient in the study. Conclusions Despite the relatively small number of participants, this study may represent normative data for the Turkish pediatric population. It was al...


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